40 weeks and one day

04.22.2003 - 4:03 pm

Still pregnant (I bet all you mommies are sitting there going, "uh-huh, I know") I have another appointment tomorrow, ultrasound and some other test since I will be officially past my due date. I've said to Nick that it would be rather cool to see our little girl again in an ultrasound, especially since she will be SO much bigger. Yet, I'd rather have her here with me now.

We went out for a bit so someone could come by and see the house. We were in Borders and I almost thought my water broke. I should just give it all up and plan for the induction this Friday. Then I won't be so full of anticipation and what-not. I bought the new Ani DiFranco CD. I think I'll go and listen to it a few hundred times right now.

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