04.13.2003 - 9:08 am

Yesterday we stayed in bed until 3pm. Sleeping on and off and watching the food channel. Then we went out for food, then I made Martha's hot cross buns I saw on food tv. Totally decadent!

I talked to my mom and she swears she hasn't told anyone in NJ the baby's name. She didn't even know the middle name we picked out and my brother wouldn't tell her. So now I wonder who's leaking info (dad? brother?) Of if that nasty gossip overheard my mom in a private conversation (which I wouldn't put past them) because the chain of events I heard had my mom spilling the beans. See why I dislike this neighborhood so much? They are all so catty!

Baby is definitely getting ready to join us in the world. I was awake for about 45 minutes Friday night (at 3am) in some pain and almost woke Nick to call the hospital to see if I should go in. But I fell asleep, so I couldn't have been that bad. Nick thinks I'll go into labor this Wednesday. It's all getting so exciting, so scary, so real...

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