getting closer

04.10.2003 - 7:22 am

Getting closer, I'm 1cm and 30% effaced. She could actually feel the head yesterday. And...(big cheesy grin) my OB is on call the weekend I'm due so the chances of her delivering me just shot up even more. Of course, I've been telling baby to come on a Tues-Fri so we are sure to have our OB deliver us...I don't think she'll listen. She'll be as stubborn as her parents.

We have someone interested in the house. That's a good thing. Now we just need to will them to make an offer. Will you all will them for us? Nick has a second interview with a local firm for a job, he also just applied for another position. Things are looking good.

I'm feeling the itch to rant about something here, I just cannot find a worthy topic right now. Haven't seen anything in the world recently to piss me off (more than usual anyway) and aside from this baby, no passions arising. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

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