Woodstream gossips

04.10.2003 - 9:04 am

OK, so now I have something to rant about (see previous entry). It appears that my mother has been telling ALL the people in her neighborhood that I'm pregnant, having a girl, and the baby's name. Now, I don't mind the first two items, but we were very explicit with the 'rents that the name is secret until baby arrives. The 'rents and siblings are the only ones that know our little girl's impending name, all other friends have to wait until she arrives.

Granted, we don't live in NJ anymore. I found this out through my friend Pi, who heard it from her mom (who lives in my mom's neighborhood), who heard it from one of the neighborhood gossips, who was told by my mom. So I guess the fact that most of NJ knows my baby's name doesn't really matter.

What matters is the response has been, "HOW could she name her child that?! It's so odd, so uncommon. Did you know she made the name up? What kind of mother would do that?" Yeah, like I'm going to go with the perfect Catholic name like every other girl I graduated high school with. (my friend's mom's response to these ghastly comments was, well look at what Pi named her son. Aidan - perfectly normal Irish name if you ask me). I despise these women. I always have. There is a local private, swim club in the neighborhood. I remember being about 10 or 11 and an african-american family joined the club (much to the outrage of the neighborhood, that these "black people" would dare to join our community) These women made it so bad, that the next summer this family withdrew their membership. In fact, I think they moved out of the neighborhood eventually too.

Jeez....what kind of world did I grow up in and how did I survive getting sucked into that vortex? Maybe my despise for their gossip and nose-thumbing ways drove me away. Goddess help the first one that I see when I go back to Jersey and meets our daughter. I have a lot of time to formulate my perfect response (insert ghoulish cackle here)

They can all kiss my ass!

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