03.29.2003 - 8:36 am

So the anti-d's didn't work out right now. I started Zoloft on Tuesday at 50mg and I thought I was going to die (maybe extreme, but I felt really sick). I was nauceous all day, I don't think the baby slept all day. It was bad. So Wednesday I only took 25 mg and had an OB appointment that afternoon. Still didn't feel any better. I told the OB about my side effects and even described them as violent. So she gave me something else to try the next day, Lexapro. Different side effects, still felt really ill. So between me, her and her nurse we've decided to hold off on the anti-d's until the baby is born. I feel pretty good with that decision. Yesterday I actually felt normal and the baby slept, I bet she's happy mommie isn't playing around with pharmaceuticals.

We've had many people come through the house, no takers yet. Our agent is having something today and tomorrow so we have to clear out. I'll be glad when this is over. I know it's all for the good, weekends just don't feel like weekends right now.

Tomorrow I have my second baby shower with my friends. There will be games, I requested that the how-big-is-she-around game be avoided, I just think that's cruel. Should be fun, I'm looking forward to it especially I haven't seen some of these women in awhile. Some haven't even seen me pregnant.

(big sigh) I should go wake up Nick as it's 8:41am and someone could call to come see the house anytime after 9.

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