where do I fit in?

03.26.2003 - 4:59 pm

Baby hasn't dropped. We're anticipating I'll go the full 40 weeks, if not longer. Also, my OB would like for me to take two weeks prior to my due date and not be in work. Problem is, money and time on the back-end. If my STD insurance accepts what she puts on the form as my last day of work, I could exhaust my sick time and go into STD payments during my disability period, and then still have 6 weeks of paid time for my FMLA and then we'll see what happens. Maybe I'll talk to her about that next week. And our benefits person, see how strict our STD provider is about what an OB puts on the form.

I've not been wanting to write about the war here. I have some pretty mixed feelings and thoughts about what is going on right now. So I'll say this, there appears to be two groups of people emerging, the protesters and the supporters. I want to know about the people in the middle like me, those of us who may not think what the US is doing is 100% right or supportable, but I definitely support the troops from the aspect that they are off fighting some war and who the hell knows what they are going to come home with. I heard a story on NPR this morning about people returning from war with ailments (chemical, nervous system, etc) that cannot officially be connected to combat, but there's no other explanation. That's what I worry about.

My dad was in Vietnam. Thankfully, he made it home in one piece with no major health conditions (or minor ones that I know of). I have a friend in the Army and I don't know if he is in Iraq or if he is in waiting right now (he was called up from the reserves). I think about this friend and his wife and child that are back in Boston. Maybe it's different now that I'm married and am expecting a baby any day. If Nick were called off anywhere, with the any chance of him not returning or coming back harmed, that thought just paralizes me (thankfully, he isn't in the military and unless something really really weird happens he's not going anywhere). It's just all so different now.

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