nothing really

03.25.2003 - 5:51 am

36 weeks today! I had a weird hospital/labor dream, not in any way a premonition dream, more of a manifestation of fears. I drove myself to the hospital, couldn't find Nick, had to move my room twice. Just weirdness.

We interviewed a guy yesterday to come in and cover my desk while I'm on a leave. He seemed pretty nice, he's been doing contract work trying to figure out what area of HR to specialize in, he seems to like the HRIS side, so these contract positions have helped a lot. He already knows our software which helps too. If his references check out, he'll probably get an offer.

I had my review last Friday. I didn't get the job title bump I was hoping for (higher grade = higher bonus), but I did get a significant salary increase, so that helps. I think my review was fair, got a good rating, good feedback. My manager is still shocked to hear what I have to say about my job, she thinks I'm too hard on myself. Well...duh!!

I'm rambling, avoiding some things I really need to talk about. But I'm not certain diaryland is the place to let all that out. I've hit a road bump in my faith for the future, and I need to get back on track.

Oh, and today I started back on my anti-d's. The next few days should be very interesting....

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