not craving indian food

03.13.2003 - 7:16 am

Working from home today. At 10 I'm going out with the realtor to see 3 houses Nick saw yesterday and really liked. All newer, all north of where we are now, still accessible to the world of Seattle.

Baby is so active it's amazing. You know, I never really looked at pregnanat women's bellies before when they were this pregnant. At least, not when their child was moving around. I'm getting to the point that my pregnancy tops are tighter and the stretchy ones lay right on my belly. So when she moves ~ hold on! I was in a lunch meeting yesterday and she was doing her aerobics thing and I felt so weird whenever someone looked at me. Not ashamed, I wonder if some people are like me and didn't know about babies moving around and making mom's belly a scene out of Aliens. I still think it's cool.

I haven't commented on the whole impending war thing in awhile. Blah blah blah... I'm more concerned about North Korea's doings thatn Iraq's. They are testing missle launches! Not that I'm up on politics or military whatever, I still believe North Korea needs more attention than it's getting.

Well ~ off to work. This should be a rather easy day for me.

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