6 weeks

03.11.2003 - 6:01 am

Today I'm 34 weeks pregnant. A lot can happen in 6 weeks... I no longer think I'm going to be early. I think I'll be right on time or a few days late. In fact, I would prefer to be a few days late because then I'm assured my OB will deliver me. She only works Tues - Fri and her days off are her days off (I really admire that in a person, I just want her to deliver me). There's still some stuff we need. My mom wrote me this letter about how she intended to throw me a shower but decided not to for various reasons, instead she sent a check. I think I can get the pack and play and a case or two of diapers from costco. Nick's dad is here this week and he and his wife want to buy us something needed, like the high chair or stroller or something. So that will take care of my two "big ticket" needs, the pack and play and the car seat.

Last night the baby was doing something sending pains through my hips. Nick was talking to her in a soothing way and had his hand on my belly. She kicked or punch real hard, he felt it and it shocked him. I thought it was rather funny, now he has an idea of what it's like inside there.

Today I am starting an effort - (effort isn't the right word, effort takes work) starting a plan to give me some faith. I don't know what that is yet, but I need it to work.

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