GOOD foturne

03.10.2003 - 6:04 am

I don't know what to say today. Other than I wish Nick and I could find some solace right now. We are both so stressed out, mostly for the same reasons and there doesn't feel like there's anywhere to turn. I have confided in my friend Pi, I don't know if Nick is confiding in anyone but me. I think we should go see his therapist very soon, I think we need that kind of support. Becuase on many levels we are trying so hard to be there for one another, and on so many levels we cannot.

I'm tired of crying every day. I'm tired of being pregnant (tomorrow is 34 weeks). I'm very tired of not having the strength and stamina to support Nick right now because I feel like he needs it so much more than I do.

Like Nick said before I went to sleep last night, it's the beginning of another week. We have no idea what this will bring, we are both banking on some good fortune.

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