Beginning of Good-bye

03.05.2003 - 6:08 am

In 10 days our house will be on the market. Our realtor thinks it will sell before the baby comes. YIKES! There's a lot to do between now and then (or as Nick puts it, little to do in a lot of time). Maybe it's because I only have evenings free, and Nick has more time during the day. My brother started painting the master bedroom yesterday, the color looks nice. It's kind of sick that you need to put money into the house in order to sell the house. We are fortunate, the house is in really good shape anyway, so we don't have to do too many repairs or anything. It's mostly putting away all our clutter...funny how that stuff just breeds behind your back when you're away...

I had a breakdown at work yesterday. It was just a stressful day, I had co-workers demanding stuff, managers on my back about procedures that have been in place for eons (that they don't agree with), I have about 5 or 6 more weeks in the office to get a lot of crap done and stuff handed off to someone...still don't know who as my boss hasn't indicated they will bring anyone in to cover my desk. Although something is going on, our benes manager is on a leave right now, and boss lady is taking the libert of shifting a lot of her responsibilities onto other people. Boss lady mentioned to me that the benes manager may cover my desk when she Some of us are wondering if the benes manager is long for this messed up company I work for. I should make a list of all that's left to do in 6 weeks time.

Back to the breakdown, I told the comp manager (who I used to refer to as the 800-lb gorilla that everyone ignored) that we are selling the house. I SO fucking regret it. I cannot take it back, and need to move forward. Our relationship has improved a lot since this summer, so I trust her on some level or I never would have told her. Still, it's not something I wanted anyone at work to know at all. Whatever, they all would have learned eventually that I was moving when I submitted an address and phone number change (nothing is hidden from HR people, no matter what you think).

So now it's Wednesday morning, I actually slept through the night until 4:19am (about an hour before my alarm goes off) and feel rather rested. I still worry about waking up on my back in the night, I really should get that body pillow down from the closet. Baby does well, still a very active little girl. We think she's head down already, and she likes to curl up in a way that her butt sticks out at the top of my belly. This one is going to be a character!

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