day off

02.17.2003 - 8:25 am

I've been up for 15 minutes and I feel like...yuck. I was having bad dreams, I think I kicked Nick and was screaming at one point, and my back hurts!

I told him since today is my day off, I'm doing what I want to do. I may lock myself in my office for many hours and work on the baby/pregnancy book. I want to see The Hours, I may do that this afternoon. I just don't like going to a movie in the middle of a day because it sucks up so much time. Maybe the 5-ish show then...and I'll go to the bulk foods section of the grocery store and get all sorts of I used to do. Maybe it's just a day to be naughty.

My mom emailed and is absolutely burried in snow. I'm so glad I don't live on the east coast anymore. I'll take my rainy day winters over ice & snow any day!

I think I'm going back to bed now. I had something to eat, now I want to see some bad tv.

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