02.13.2003 - 3:45 pm

Working from home. I'm doing all this intranet stuff and just found out there's something wrong with the indexer. I hope I don't lose everything.

The baby's room is really coming together! Nick & my bro have been diligently painting and figuring stuff out. We had the window person out today and ordered blinds, curtains and hardware for the room. It's really cute. The nursery is quickly becoming my second favorite room in the house.

Heartburn! UGH!!! Thanks for all the reassuring thoughts about my panic & paranoia. I'm supposed to go to yoga tonight since I missed it on Tuesday. I don't want to go...but I know I'll feel better afterwards if I do go. And it's not like it's really strenous or anything.

Don't really have much to say. I feel rather boring lately. Then again, as my OB says, "you're gestating, just relax".

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