Paranoid Delusion

02.11.2003 - 6:07 am

Tonight we are going to see The Producers. That should be fun.

I'm in this weird phase, I hope it's a phase. I'm having all these paranoid thoughts about my baby. That something is wrong. I have no reason/indication to really feel like something is bad, I just feel it. Does that make any sense? Am I totally crazy?

I'm 30 weeks today. Mostly through this pregnancy. I think I had another large growth spurt this past weekend and probably why I felt like such shit. I really am doing my best to not complain, I don't tell Nick every little detail of what I'm going through because (1) I don't want him to think I'm whining and (2) I don't want to worry him about what is nothing. Since this weekend when baby started kicking my groin, ALL I've wanted to do was whine and complain. It's brought me to tears a few times (as I well up right now) and I just want to go back to bed. Maybe I'll take a sick day and just do that. I go back to physical therapy tomorrow, I'm hoping that will help when I tell her all my new and exciting experiences of being pregnant.


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