02.09.2003 - 1:52 pm

Sunday, Sunday...

Baby has been super super active, and I've had back pain the last two days liek I never thought possible. Twice I've had to grab onto something to keep from falling over. I hope my last 10 weeks are not all like this! At the same time, I think I'm about to grow again, and hoping this has something to do with it. I feel so full, like my skin couldn't possible stretch anymore. I've also got my first varicose pregnancy vein...on my belly. That said, I still think I look pretty damn cute!

I had brunch with my friend E yesterday. She's in Seattle on her way home to Hawaii, this April she's been gone from Seattle for 3 years! Wow, how time flies!! It was good to connect with her again, she may have a little one of her own next summer (if their planning goes well) and I think my little one and I will go for a visit. Maybe Nick will be invited along ;-)

Then Nick and I went downtown for a night away. We did a little shopping. We had this fabulous dinner at Rover's. I had the vegetarian tasting menu, Nick has the grande was all quite good! I could get used to eating like that regularly. One day... Then we came back to the hotel and I took a warm bath. Unfortunately, the hotel is rather old and the bathtubs are rather small. I couldn't really sink in and relax much, regardless it felt good. Then we got in bed together and talked and other indoor was very nice. Very nice indeed! This morning we walked down to the market and had brunch, bought some baked good goodies and produce. And we got home about 12:30.

I was just updating our Quicken stuff and Nick came in to remind me that I should be relaxing. It's so hard for me to let go and relax. It's really hard for me to sit and be still. I wanted to get the Quicken done since it was 2 weeks over-due. Now I'm eyeing the bills, archiving the 2001 & 2002 info and starting folders for 2003. There's another side of me that wants to go downstairs and watch ER and eat more pumpkin cookies. I think the indulgent side is about to win. Maybe the kittie will join me on the couch. Maybe Nick will come down and we'll watch a movie. Maybe maybe maybe...I have to make things happen!

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