02.06.2003 - 5:10 pm

I'm so tired. I did it to myself. We went out to see Morcheeba last night. For the time I lasted, it was a very good concert. We didn't get home and I didn't get in bed until 11. I'm paying for it today. When I'm done here I'm calling my dad to wish him a happy birthday then I'm napping!

Nick and I are escaping together on Saturday night. He got a hotel room downtown and we have reservations at a swanky French place (with a gift certificate from our wedding, thank you Nick's old job!) I just have the warmest visions of a bath, cuddling, being close and talking and dreaming about our future. I thinks it's good we are doing this before the baby comes. Earlier this week I was a bit hesitant about the money involved. Now I'm embracing the special evening we are about to have.

My friend that had the heart attack right before New Year's is doing much better. She's going away on a cruise next week with some girlfriends. This is definitely not slowing her down (in the dream-pursuit sense) which is good.

Other than that, nothing. Work has still been rough although better. The baby is crawling around inside right now. Nick is out with a friend. I'm looking forward to a (very) quiet evening at home!

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