Grow your penis!

02.03.2003 - 6:14 pm

Spam, once in a great while, can make me laugh. Thank Goddess for the bulk mail filters in all those yahoo and hotmail accounts! Today was about the 4th message in a week telling me that I can grow my penis size.

OK, first off, if they are promising a 10% growth (let's be conservative) and I don't have a penis, does that mean I still won't grow one? Y'all remember zero times any number is still zero, right?! (my math degree shudders if you don't).

Second, how could these spammers even attempt to guess my sexual preferences. Whether I would even want to grow a penis. I'm definitely not their target market.

I enjoy being a woman. I wouldn't want to be a man. I revel in being strong and independent. I'm amazed daily about the little one growing inside of me. I truly believe (and act on) that no one can tell me No because I'm a woman. Isn't that the whole theory of feminism? At least it is for the one I identify with daily.

Yep, those spammers are definitely wasting their time...

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