strangers keep out

02.01.2003 - 8:22 am

I have therapy in 90 minutes. Then I'm going shopping, I need some birthday cards and a present. I may get curtains for the baby's room. And something for myself. Definitely something for myself.

This week Nick and I received a book in the mail. The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Mordechai Gottman and Nan Silver. The kicker is, we have NO idea who this person is that sent it to us. Someone from New Mexico. No note, no letter, no little slip of paper telling us we will burn in hell if we don't read the book. Nothing. I want to write a letter to this person and ask who she is. In my paranoid mind, I've decided she's someone from Diaryland that reads both our journals and somehow found out our name & address and sent us this book. Maybe she connected us on Swappingtons and sent it that way. I have no idea. OK, OK, so I'm being a little obsessive about this. It's one thing when a friend who knows intimate details of your life gives you a book like that in an effort to support and help you, it's a totally different thing when a complete stranger sends you a self-improvement book about an area we don't necessarily feel we need to self-improve. We already work on our marriage on a daily basis, and we are both in therapy (now) and we are happy to be becoming parents in 2 1/2 months. ARGH!

We went out last night for dinner and a bit of childhood shopping. We went to Babies R Us and bought 3 outfits for our daughter. One of them is supposed to be her Coming Home outfit. Since I'm going to the mall after therapy, I want to check out some department stores too just to be sure. This is one of those "things" in my life where I want it to be perfect. I want just the right outfit for her to enter our home. Sometimes I don't know why I put such significance in such weird places, but I do. 2 1/2 months...oh my goodness!!!

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