gimme gimme gimme

01.30.2003 - 5:21 pm

I'm hoping I don't lose this as I've been having Diaryland issues all afternoon.

In the last few days since I've posted I've heard numerous accounts on NPR on a variety of topics that just pissed me off, yet, I feel too tired to rant today. Although I will say this...OK, no I won't.

I'm having incredible heartburn today. I'm very tired. The baby has been on and off my lungs all afternoon. I have a spliting headache (so bad I'm considering taking some tylonel). I have to do my business taxes tonight as they are due tomorrow. And that just burns me on some level and why I haven't done it yet...I made $410 last year through my jewelry. Does that even seem worth the effort of filing taxes? My estimate is that I owe the city of Seattle $.88 seriously! There is even a bolded area on the tax form stating no matter how little you made during the year, you have to file taxes. UGH!

I'm also starting a wishlist. One of Nick's things is he will buy himself stuff that he wants, I don't do that. I don't resent him for buying what he desires, I turn that around and resent myself for not doing the same. So he's helping me work on a list of items that I want, that I would feel guilty buying, and we are going to pick some and I'm going to go and get them! So far, I have an overnighted Philadelphia Pretzel pack and a shopping spree at Lush on my list.

And why the hell hasn't anyone bought anything from my baby registry yet?!

This would make a hell of a lot more sense if you all knew about my dating rampage 2 years ago...


You Are a Cyberskank!

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Are *You* a Cyberslut?

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