Quality Time

01.28.2003 - 6:04 am

The bills are finally filed! That is such a load of my mind you cannot even imagine. I still need to get file folders so I can archive prior years (yes, I'm an analyzer!)

Baby is good, she was really active yesterday. I'm 28 weeks today, definitely nearing the home stretch! We got this "gift" in the mail, a Sesame Street plate, bowl and spoon, all because we renewed a subscription to some parenting magazine. It's really cute and another item towards the reality of children.

I'm feeling antsy. I still haven't made those plans for a trip to Portland. I'm thinking the second weekend in February. I better stop thinking and acting though so I can get a good hotel rate and plan my course of action. There's an Impressionist exhibit at the Portland Art Museum right now. Just from their website, the museum appears to have much more promise than the gallery (it doesn't deserve museum status) Seattle has. I guess growing up near Philly with regular trips in town to spend an afternoon in a wing spoils a girl.

Nick and haven't spent much quality time together since my brother moved in. It's hard during the week because I just want to go to bed early and get an extra good night's sleep. Maybe this weekend... It's time for a real date night.

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