superbowl Sunday 2003

01.26.2003 - 7:38 pm

I can finally breathe! Baby has been laying on my lungs just about all day. Nick and I went for a walk earlier and I only made it around the block. Granted, around the block is just about a full mile, no small accomplishment there. Anyway, she's been very active today and I'm very glad she is no longer on my lungs.

In other ranting news...I'm embarassed for the comments and childish nature of Rumsfeld. His response to France & Germany saying they won't support military action was so...childish! I'm sorry but just because the United States says the sky is blue and we must fight, doesn't mean the entire world is going to agree with us. If this country is supposed to be for the people, and more and more people each day do not want to go to war with Iraq...well, I shouldn't even go there.

I'm sleepy. I spent 3 1/2 hours this morning online finishing some work stuff. I was supposed to get it done yesterday but it appears that worm got into our servers and no one could connect. Oh well, at least there's a good excuse for not doing what I said I would do (because I was not about to drive into the office!)

It's now 7:45pm and I'm wiped. I think I'll do a little more cleaning and then get in bed to read before sleepy-sleep.

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