Abortion rant

01.24.2003 - 6:05 am

Forgot to mention yesterday...I am saddened and concerned for abortion rights here in America (I know, I said ages ago I wouldn't talk about this anymore, but that's not who I am). A "club" that I am now a part of is the Understanding Pregnancy Club. No woman can really relate or say "I know" about any pregnancy thing (for lack of a better word) until she is pregnant. I admit, I used to be one of those know-it-alls, humbled by the baby growing inside of me. It still doesn't change my views on abortion rights, or should I be PC and say Pro-Choice?

Men just cannot understand women's health issues. I don't care how much research they have done (professionally or otherwise) or if they have had that condition (heart disease, etc) themselves. Here's a thought...Women are built differently, a major factor in why many medications don't work well with women that were developed and tested on men. So how can a man have the audacity to say they know about pregnancy?! It's not even humanly possible for a man to carry a child, so how can he even get close to relating to symptoms and experiences?

To take it to absolute extremes, How would a man like it if a hanger was placed up his penis to extract an "unwanted growth"? Such a dangerous procedure that it could render him dead. Isn't that what we should be afraid of if Roe V. Wade is overturned? Young, poor, other-state-of-mind women feeling so desperate and despondent that they turn to a wire hanger? A dirty, unlicensed person promising to take care of their problems? (I know, I KNOW...it's an extreme scenario) What about the fact that those who can afford it, and are willing, will find a way to terminate a pregnancy. There will still be doctors performing abortion services in the US, they will just be harder and more expensive to find. I mean really, is the GOP that stupid to think that overturning Roe V. Wade will eliminate abortion in the US? Isn't one of the most-known tag lines of the Pro Choice movement to "Keep Abortion SAFE and Legal"?

As we heal from 9/11. As we debate and disagree about going to war with Iraq. As we face losing the right to a safe & legal abortion...I grow more and more worried about the world I bring my child into. I know she'll be strong (look at her parents) and she will do what she needs to do, why does it have to be so much harder for her than it was for me...when it was harder for me than my mom, or my grandmoms?

I'm just insensed this morning.

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