Yoga & Baby

01.22.2003 - 6:04 am

I had my second yoga class last night. It went pretty well, I'm still surprised how flexible I really am already. Of course, many of my muscles are not quite in line with my flexibility, and there will be some pain the next day or so... I'm really enjoying this class. I'm seriously considering continuting with yoga after the baby is born. It's such a different kind of workout, I was raised in that camp of if-you're-not-sweating-it-isn't-doing-anything (another wonderful lesson from my parents).

Anyway, I'm now 27 weeks pregnant. I'm feeling better than I was this weekend. Baby is still pretty active, she was kicking and moving all through yoga last night. Nick asked me if all babies in utero are this active. I have no idea, I should take a poll. I also need to get in touch with my two friends that will be in the delivery room with me, I want to take them out to lunch or dinner or something and just hang out. All three of us are rather busy women and I haven't seen them since the Peter Gabriel concert, and there isn't much time to talk during a concert. I also still need to check with my OB that it's OK they are there.

I'm feeling particularly tired, and content. Once this month is over and work eases up a bit...and I go away on my Portland trip...and I start telecommuting one day a's all going to be so good. I finally picked a paint color for the baby's room, so the nursey can be put together. I think that is going to be so real for me, having space in the house designated specifically for the baby is going to make everything so real. Not that I'm in some delusional state of not being pregnant, it just feels like it's never going to end. I supposed as I'm growing closer to my due date the reality of the baby coming is starting to sink in (which is very good as I have a tendency to not admit reality until it's actually here or past).

Sigh....must get ready for work...

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