morning scones

01.18.2003 - 10:12 am

I'm in SERIOUS need of Violet-alone-time. Maybe tomorrow after my dad is gone I can escape for awhile.

I'm hungry and the scones are baking. I'm still grogging from getting up 45 minutes ago.

My hair is now closer to my natural (brown) color with just four foils of blonde mixed in. It's an adjustment going natural, I liked being a blonde. But as so many mothers have told me, it's easier going to get your hair done when you don't have to sit there 2-3 hours at a shot. Although, Nick can always watch the baby if I decide to be blonde again, we'll see how I feel when summer rolls around.

We all went to see Two Towers last night. I'm still absorbing. fivetwo made reference to the various male characters in the movie. I don't find any of them terribly attractive. Arragon is too into his brooding nature for my taste, Legolas is cute, but I don't go for blondes and everyone else is too short for me. Oh well, I was throughly entertained. Although that last hour I was getting real antsy (baby uncomfortable) and claustrophobic.

I heard the oven go off, it's time for scones!

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