Vindication? Or the illusion thereof...

01.16.2003 - 6:01 am

My dad is here for a few days. He's doing an 8-week cancer treatment down in LA and is up for a visit. I was too tired last night, went right to bed after work, got up for a bite to eat and hung out with Dad & Bro, and went back to bed.

On Tuesday, HR had the distinct pleasure of being the recipient of this news: Payday would be Wednesday and of 3,300 employee, probably 80% had a wrong pay check coming because Payroll messed up. My peer verified with our payroll provider over and over and it is clearly a payroll error, HR did nothing to cause this. However, in our messed up little's somehow coming back on HR because it's the benefits deductions that are wrong. When will it fucking end?! Then the Payroll Supervisor totally laid into our Benefits Manager yesterday, yelling even, that it was the B.Mgr and my fault of this error. Um...hello? No where in my job description does it say that I need to know how to process payroll or understand tax code. So our boss went upstairs to talk to her and set the record straight. Where at that time, the P.Supv admitted she had made the error. ARGH!! Then my team of peers in HR had our weekly meeting yesterday afternoon where we spent 45 minutes talking about payroll. Our boss wants us to go into a workgroup (hell) with a consultant to try and resolve our issues. I'm not on board with that yet. Here's my thing, there has to be a point where the line is drawn and we say "you messed up, it's your job, you need to be accountable for it." We cannot keep coddling the idiots and making them look good. I've stopped doing that myself. I've also started blind-copying my HR Rep on everything I send to PR for my own CYA.

Is there anything better out there?!

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