Smelly bathrooms

01.14.2003 - 6:04 am

I'm really irked by work (what else is new). My boss has my maternity plan. And I'm finally getting to the point that I just don't care. I can only do so much in this economy of let's lay people off and spread multiple peoples jobs onto the three people remaining at a desk. I'm pretty good at putting myself and my health first. I know after this month is over I can sail through the rest of my days and finally leave this shithole for at least 18 weeks before I have to make any firm decisions about returning part time, or returning at all.

Another thing I want to know is what the HELL the females in my office building eat to make the bathrooms smell like that?! I've had better scents coming out of the public rest stops on the side of the highway offering free coffee/sludge and stale cookies. Really! There's even an air freshener in there and it doesn't do any good!

Or maybe it's just my super-power pregnancy nose. Although I doubt it.

Baby is getting more and more active, and is awake more often each day. Last night while lying in bed reading my whole stomach lifted about an inch up before settling back down. I'm still amazed at the strength this little girl inside of me has. Not to mention her recent affinity for Klondike Ice Cream bars.

I'm tired to the point of tears and I really don't want to go to the office this morning. I think I need a mental health day.

I still have to plan that trip to Portland.

My dad gets here tomorrow.

I really need to plan that Portland trip so I can get a rest.

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