01.02.2003 - 6:06 pm

A girlfriend of mine had a heart attack on Monday. Her mom called me last night. I'm concerned and worried, but I cannot say that I'm surprised. She had open heart surgery when she was 12 or 13, and is on maintenance medication now. It seems one of her arteries is blocked and she had the attack while working out. I'd say she's relatively healthy. We have had some disagreements on my opinions of her having an eating disorder. She's the type of eater that uses that "margarine" that comes in a liquid form and you spray onto your toast. Granted, in my hardcore e.d. days, I too used these types of food "products" like I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and Fat Free Salad Dressing. I'm so glad I enjoy real food now. Anyway, I would always be concerned about her diet and rigorous exercise, and she didn't see a problem (other than not losing any weight).

So I really really really hope she's OK. And that she doesn't have any brain damage. She has so many exciting changes coming up in her life right now, I just want her to be healthy.

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