2003 begins

01.01.2003 - 3:05 pm

I cannot believe it's over. 2002 is done. So much happened last year, and I feel like the year fizzled out. Well, let's just say my December 2002 wasn't all I had envisioned...it was good...just not all I had envisioned.

2002 was good, a wedding and baby on the way! Getting our house in order, spending time with Nick and learning more about each other and our worlds. Preparing for a little girl to join us in April... It's all so surreal.

I just ate a Klondike Bar (What would you do for one? Leave me a comment!) Baby is totally craving ice cream right now. I think I want another one. We had these ice cream bars at Costco the other day...vanilla bar dipped in chocolate and smothered in roasted almonds...YUM! Ever since then baby has been asking for ice cream. So I got the Klondike's. She's still really really active.

As I sit here in a new year, I'm asking myself...so what now?

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