Leave me alone

12.23.2002 - 7:02 pm

I'm tired.

Of a lot of shit.

I found out that the stupid payroll supervisor is getting a recognition bonus for the work she has done on this current project. You want to know who has really done the work? HR and IT. No contest. Sure, I slave my ass all summer to convert the freakin' payroll system and I get a few flowers in a pot that has died. (Even Ms. Payroll got that!)

I'm tired of wheezing all the time. I'm tired of blowing my nose. I'm tired of all the shit that has to get done in this house. I do and don't want company this week. I do want a few days off. I don't look forward to returning to my desk next Monday and the crap that will be on it. I hate year-end.

I'm tired of not knowing. Not knowing what to do or what I want or where to go.

I'm just fucking tired.

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