12.22.2002 - 1:36 pm

We saw Chris Kattan in a Thai restaurant in Woodinville, WA last night. At first, Nick was annoyed because it was yet another insenstive, baseball-wearing diner at a restaurant. Then on further glance, he leans in to us and says, I think that's the guy from Saturday Night Live. Once he started talking we were certain. It was kind of weird, he was drawing more attention to himself by playing with his hat and hiding his face than if he just ignored everyone else the way we were ignoring him. It's Woodinville for crying out loud! Nothing exciting or celebrity-like ever happens in Woodinville (except during the summer when there are outdoor concerts at the winery).

Anyway, Nick and I had a good laugh about it this morning. We were there with our two friends that came over, we lost power at 5-ish last night so we couldn't continue cooking. So here's Nick surrounded by three beautiful women (one of whom was practically falling out of her shirt - my tank top with bra inseam doesn't do much for huge pregnant breasts) and Mr. SNL is with his family. NOT that there is anything wrong with that...I think we were both fantasizing a bit that Mr. SNL wished he could be with the beautiful women.

It was a nice evening. I know Nick was disappointed that his meal wasn't served. Maybe we can push it to Christmas dinner with my family.

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