Wheezing in Hell

12.21.2002 - 2:38 pm

I think nesting is going to kill me. At least wage havoc on my lungs. All I did today was put on the new feather bed, change the sheets, clean up my bookcase in the bedroom...and I'm wheezing again. I know it's all the dust, argh! I stopped taking my Allegra when I got pregnant. My allergist recommended a few alternatives, mostly over-the-counter stuff that is proven OK for pregnancy. But it's the type of anti-histamine that makes you sleepy. That's all I need, to feel more sleepy and tired than I already do! But if this keeps up, I don't know that I see an alternative.

I have been wanting to mention the Peter Gabriel concert we went to on Tuesday night. It was so incredible! The stage was so simply set, not boring, but sparse. Yet, he had all these innovative and interesting "toys" to play with throughout the show. Nick told me he read that Peter Gabriel worked with someone from Cirque du Soleil in designing the stage and such. At one point there was this huge plastic ball, kinda like a hamster ball, that Peter got in the middle of and rolled around on stage, would stop and bounce up and down, it was my favorite song off the new album...Growing Up. It completely reminded me of our baby, living in a bubble and jumping all around. She was really active that night too. Granted, the concert was her usual awake and aerobic time of the day... She was all sorts of bouncing around. It made the concert that much more enjoyable. He is a wonderful artist.

Tonight we have some friends coming over for dinner. I made my grandmother's cheesecake for dessert. That will be really good, there is nothing like Grandma's cheesecake.

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