Rippling bellies

12.20.2002 - 6:10 pm

Home from a long-ass week. I just want to go to bed. Well, I really want to eat dinner right now. Then I want to go to bed.

I popped a bunch again in the last few days. I passed by my friend at work and she says "WOW! You're SO BIG!" OK, I appreciate the sentiment, but I'm probably not that big in relation to how big I'm going to get. I think I'm just in that phase of my pregnancy where I'm expanding more rapidly than imaginable. And I think our daughter is going to be a gymnast. She is so flippin' active! We saw her on Wednesday night. We were lying in bed watching the Twilight Zone, I look down at my belly and it ripples. I think I yelped. So Nick and I are sitting there staring at my belly for what felt like forever. She did do it again eventually. Again last night. This kid likes to wake up around 9pm and stays up for quite some time. In that respect, she is her father's daughter.

I had an eye exam yesterday, eyes in good health. Dentist today, teeth are in great shape. I was kinda worried about that. I haven't had the bleeding gums that pregnant women get, the hygienist said it must be because I'm taking such good care of my teeth. Which is really nice to hear, because after being bulmic for so long, I fear the day I walk into the dentist and he tells me all my teeth are rotting out of my head. Everything is good, so probably another thing to be thankful for.

We went and saw Star Trek Nemesis last night. It was pretty good. One of the main characters dies at the end (I won't tell you who in case you want to see it, that's all I knew walking in to the theater). point is when this character died, I lost it. It just hit too close to home. I felt kinda weird, people around me must be thinking, "Wow, that lady is awfully upset, it's just a movie" I wanted to stand up and yell that my grandfather just passed away.

It's just been a weird week and all I want to do is coccoon. I think there will be plenty of time to do that this weekend.

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