No heavy lifting.

12.16.2002 - 5:04 pm

I'm rather cranky today. My allergies have been really bad since Saturday. Last night I was using my inhaler about every 15 minutes. Cleaning out the closet probably didn't help at all, but my obsessive/compulsive side took over and was determined to get it done last night.

I'm so tired of my job. I know, blah blah blah...I'm so unmotivated and SO tired of dealing with stupid fucking people. I really hope we can swing it as me being a stay-at-home mom, at least for a year or two. Then I think I'll make a career change. I say it all the time that my brother doesn't belong behind a desk (he's hoping to land a fire fighter job)...but I never say that about myself. And it's so true. I don't belong behind a desk either. At least not in Corporate America. Maybe in the Planned Parenthood or Eating Disorder Support arena. Yeah, all companies are dysfunctional, I just need to find the dysfunction that I can live in.

Pregnancy is going well. I've reached that point where I can no longer get up off the floor alone. It seems so obvious, and it's not like I spend a lot of time on the floor, but watering the Christmas tree and picking up socks just isn't as easy as it used to be. For the first time in my life, I let the grocery store bag boy help me out to my car on Saturday. He loaded the car and closed the trunk and everything! It was great! I need reminders like this. Part of cleaning the closet is getting rid of old clothers. There is one in the hallway and Nick had the thought to tell me not to lift it. Granted, I would have tugged at it and given up...but it wouldn't have occured to me not to try and lift a box of clothes. I should just have a rule from here on out, don't carry anything more than my purse and/or bag of lunch.

I feel like my entries are so boring these days.

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