Nesting begins

12.15.2002 - 2:10 pm

Sunday, lazy Sunday. We had brunch with a friend of Nick's and her girlfriend who is a painter. We then went back to the painter's place, wow, she has really really nice work! We bought a piece to put in the bedroom.

I'm glad to be home, I need to prepare and organize. I need to get all my medical invoices together so I can submit my FSA reimbursement. The closet needs to be organized. I want to go through piles and piles of paper and throw shit away. I want to wrap my holiday gifts. I'm in the mood. I also want to take a nap today. I feel the stress and energy of December catching up with me, I've been rather tired lately.

And Peter Gabriel is Tuesday night. I'm so excited! I hope the baby enjoys her first concert.

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