Stupid Company Holiday Gifts

12.13.2002 - 5:58 am

I'm looking for a good baby food "cookbook" to add to my wish list at Amazon. Maybe I'll just write down all these titles and go explore at my local independent book establishment.

I am actually going to brave the mall tomorrow morning. I ripped my ONLY pair of maternity jeans this week. In the butt. Nick thinks I can still wear them. Sure, around the house or running errands. But I'm not going to wear them to work so my ass can hang out for all to see...

Today is Gift Distribution day at the office. Every year, my company splurges on a $25 gift for the associates, something along the lines of a basket or jar filled with (usually) good food. Human Resources are the super-fortunate "friends of the employees" that get to hand them out. Correction, we get to unload boxes, unpack the boxes in the boxes, line up the 2500 gifts on trays to be delivered to tables so Executive Management can hand a gift to a waiting associate that is going to smile and say thank you and then curse us for such a crappy gift. You know what, then don't fucking take it!! Thankfully, I get out of gift distribution this year because I'm pregnant. And the HR role truly is manual, physical labor. So this year, I get to help cover the HR front desk and listen to stupid, ungrateful, whiny brats complain that they didn't get a postcard so they cannot pick up their gift today until we can actually verify that they are a real associate. Yeah, like we should just order 5,000 of these things to hand out to anyone that walks off the street.

In other news, I'm starting to feel a bit better. My back still bothers me. And the claims adjuster hasn't called yet. Oh joy, it's going to be one of those car accident claim experiences. I had one a few years ago that I ended up turning over to the Insurance Commisioner.

I have a bit of a spiteful tongue today don't I? At least it's Friday....

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