Scary shots

12.11.2002 - 7:27 pm

Why does my father always attract beautiful women? I don't think he's all that...but I'm his daughter and maybe I have blinders on. I got an email from him this morning with two pics of his new girlfriend (second girlfriend since separating from my mom, first girlfriend I used to baby sit for...) Anyway, she's rather pretty, and his high school sweetheart. I think she's a naturopath. A combination of my dad working in Singapore, and his new girlfriend, have him utilizng Eastern Medicine for his prostate cancer. He comes to the states in January for another evaluation, his Singapore practitioner and new girlfriend both think they won't find anything. Goddess I hope so!

Anyway, it's now 74 hours from my accident. I went to work today feeling like shit. And started having intense lower back pain at 8:30am. When it hadn't subsided at all by 10am, I called my doctor in tears (the hospital told me lower back pain could indicate contractions). I admitted I was probably more paranoid than anything, they brought me in. We listened to the heartbeat, her steady 140-ish. They also gave me that Rh negative shot. I'm Rh negative, so I was going to have to get it anyway, the nurse practitioner we saw said it would be a precautionary measure in case any blood were to get mixed due to the force/trauma from the accident. It doesn't hurt anything, I was going to have to get it anyway (and will again as the shot last 12 weeks). It wasn't so bad, when it was first explained to me I misunderstood, I thought it was something that went into my spine. No, my butt. Today I got to opt for my butt or arm. I chose arm. I hate needles. Which Nick pointed out is rather amusing considering all the piercings I have..anyway, I closed my eyes, he held my hand, I got the shot, I went home.

Actually, I went and ordered our baby furniture, then went home. It was nice to do that. I was having visions of our baby in the crib, changing her on the table, etc. etc.

My allergies are out of control. I think the cat is going to get kicked out of the bedroom again. My eyes haven't been OK for about a week, and I'm sneezing all the time. Ugh!!

My birthday was OK. I was in a rather depressed mood yesterday. So I feel like I ruined it. Enough said.

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