Baby scare

12.09.2002 - 8:34 am

I was in a minor car accident last night. I was on my way home from the studio show and was rear-ended on the highway. Lots of cars slamming on brakes, and I get rear-ended by a cab.

So let me first say I'm OK and the baby is OK. After the state patrol came by, I went to my hospital and was in the ER for about 2 hours and then the Maternity Center for another hour. Everything checked out OK with me and there was no urgent threat to the baby (ergo why I sat in ER for 2 hours) and then they sent me upstairs so I could be on the fetal monitors. At first baby's heartrate was a bit high, but so was mom's. Then she calmed down to her normal 140-range and was kicking and squirming and trying to avoid the little paddles they had on my belly. She literally kept kicking and punching at them, it was kinda funny. The nurse helping us remarked that 21 week olds have a lot of room to move around and hide in, as her heart beat was moving from strong to unnoticable, the nurse kept moving the paddles at first until our little one settled down.

My uterine activity was very low, that was the other concern, that I would start having contractions. But that didn't happen. The nurse checked with the OB on-call, and they decided to release me. I'm working at home today, taking it easy and am super-hyper-senstive aware of anything going on inside me. I'm relieved every time I feel the baby move around. And a little nervous any time I feel a bit crampy. It's all going to be OK. It's all going to be OK. It's all going to be OK.

I was really shaken up at first. When I was hit I started sobbing and called Nick (that Goddess for the calm, level headed person when accidents occur) and was SO pissed that this happened. The cabbie that hit me still had a temporary driver's license. Washington state issues you a little cardboard license until your official one comes from the state. That pissed me off. He kept apologizing (as he should have done) and I think (I was pretty shook up, so I'm not 100% sure) that he told me it was his second day on the job. The state patrol guy even made a comment about how hard it can be to drive in this country (yikes!) I talked to his dispatch so she could get my info and she told me they would cover everything. Damn fucking straight they will cover everything!!

I think why I also got freaked out is if there was a threat to the baby. Before we got pregnant, when Nick and I would talk about starting our family, I always said that if it came down to my life or the baby's life, that he was to choose me. That we can always have or adopt children, but there is only one me. I don't think last night's episode has changed that. Being faced with the thought and even possibility that I would lose this baby just hurt so bad. The grief I could feel before anything happened at all was what kept me so upset (the police man was asking if I was OK and I couldn't stop crying, and telling him, yes I'm alright) and it still is freaking me out a bit now. (must stay calm for the baby)

I'm so grateful that all is OK. This will certainly be one for the baby's book!

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