12.04.2002 - 4:39 pm

Baby update, heartbeat is 152, I'm right on track, tests are all normal, gained a little more weight than I should right now...but only a fraction. I need to take out my belly ring now, I'll do it in the shower tomorrow. TOMORROW is the ultrasound (big ass, super happy grin...)

So, the weight thing. I knew this day would come. My OB forgot about my request to not see the weight on my chart, I figured she might, I'm one of how ever many patients she has. Anyway...I've gained a total of 13 pounds. I don't feel like I've gained a lot, and it is still mostly in my belly. Although I think my butt is bigger.

So I started rationalizing. We just had Thanksgiving weekend. Where I was in Vancouver and eating wonderous foods and having dessert every day. Now I'm back home and on my regular food and exercise. I'm obsessing in this moment. I'll get over it in about 2 or 3 hours and I won't give it a second thought until the next appointment. Probably.

I despise that I ever had an eating disorder.

Isn't hind-sight a bitch?

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