Monday Guilt

12.02.2002 - 5:58 pm

Nick is in NYC for a few days. I welcome the alone-time, but I miss him. He got to feel the baby last night. I was SO excited that he felt it. That little bugger sure was kicking me hard, I don't know what was up. Again this morning, but not as violent. Maybe baby didn't like something I did yesterday (like I ate the wrong thing), who knows...

It's Monday night and I'm in total goof off mood. I just want to lay around and watch movies tonight. I worked out, I'm making chili, played with the cat...and I have this looming guilt that I should be making jewelry. I really wish I wasn't doing this show this weekend. I need to call my friend and figure out what she needs from me this week. I'm so unprepared. I'm so scared I won't sell a thing!

Only 2 days and 17 hours until my ultrasound.

This week I think I'm having a boy.

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