baby aerobics

11.24.2002 - 10:45 am

Last night we had our neighborhood dinner party. We did an awesome job. Actually, I should say Nick did, he cooked everything. I just helped clean up. Very nice party overall.

When we went to bed, baby was incredibly active. I thought I could feel baby on the other side and tried to get Nick to feel. But I think it's because I could feel it on the inside first, I imagined the outside. I want him to experience this SO badly. Soon enough...

Sunday, I want to go to this local craft fair today. I want a pair of earrings. Nick hasn't been feeling well lately, so it may depend on where he is at. I also want to go to Target and get all my Toys for Tots. I love toy shopping for that. I was doing some searches on Amazon the other day, I realized that soon enough, I'll be shopping for my own kid on Christmas. A whole new world is about to start, I'm getting more and more excited.

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