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11.18.2002 - 4:56 pm

I don't have much to say right now. The weekend went by way too quickly!

Work sucks (still)...Although I feel rather vindicated when the Payroll Supervisor "forgot" three key conversations that have happened in the last month...and got called on it in a BIG way... :-)

Yesterday Nick and I went for a walk. I'm all dressed to do a mellow work out now, but Nick is asleep and I want to use the Nordic Track in the bedroom. He asked if I would use the Nordic Track if we set it up in the garage. Only if there is a TV in there! Gotta keep my mind engaged otherwise I w a t c h the clock waiting for my alloted time to be up.

Maybe I'll make some jewelry while I wait. I have a show to be ready for in three weeks! YIKES!!

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