Mistress Herod

11.09.2002 - 7:42 am

Still sick. I called the doctor yesterday, I'm so worried about taking anything since I'm pregnant. I got the same list of things to do the last time I was ill. If I'm not better by Monday they want me to go to my primary care. Which reminds me, I need to change that because my primary care is in Seattle and the thought of driving all the way over there, to sit in an exam room for 30 minutes, for a 10 minute consultation, well the thought just irritates me. Now I need an eastside recommendation!

Nick is off to San Diego today. Talking business with some friends of friends trying to start up some company (I don't remember what kind). And tomorrow he has an event downtown. I sure as hell wish I wasn't sick. I was looking forward to having a Me day today, but since I don't have much energy, I won't be going anywhere. Except maybe the video store to rent some movies. The ones on cable the last two days have sucked.

Thursday the 1973 version of Jesus Christ Superstar was on. I love that musical. Or should I call it a Rock Opera. Musical sounds too soft for JCS. Anyway, my point is, I've always wanted to do that show. My first choice would be playing King Herod, in this dominatrix-type role trying to sex up Jesus to crack into admitting he was the son of God. He is reported to have had a thing with Mary Magdeline right?! So why not King Herod in a Mistress Herod kind of way? My second choice role would be Judas. That finale song the character does at the end is so amazing. And these are thoughts I have had for a long time, long before the Indigo Girls went on tour and did their own production. Which I saw, and LOVED!

I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if my parents had actually encouraged me to pursue the arts. If I had gotten that degree in music, would I be on stage now? I had no huge aspirations of being a Broadway star, or Hollywood actress. Doing theater in the city would be nice. To date, that's my one regret.

I don't ever want our kids to think they cannot do something because they aren't talented enough, or that the chosen profession will leave them "poor". That's one of the lessons I got from my parents that I do NOT want to pass on to my kids. Ever.

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