Vowels & Other Grammatical Errors

11.07.2002 - 8:17 am

Home sick. There are at least 6 other people in my area of HR that also have this ickiness. I couldn't sleep last night, I think I slept between 10 and 1, and then 4:30 to 7:30. I don't like this. And I have this cough that is ripping my throat apart. I drank about 6 huge glasses of water last night. I may take a tylonel for this splitting headache.

This INCREDIBLE news just in, we are going to see Peter Gabriel next month!!! Yeah Nia! Thank you so much for thinking of us! You rock!

Anyway, I had a rather amusing experience on the drive home yesterday. There was this beater car in front of me, the kind that had it's original paint sanded off. And the owner spray painted "designs" all over the car. The first one I saw was P.O.S. Raceing. Hm. POS = Point of Service? (I've been working in HR too long)... NO! Piece Of Shit. Yes, Piece Of Shit Raceing. Then I was trying to remember that sing-songy grammar lesson about dropping the E from a word if you are adding -ing. And the only thing my brain could think of was...When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking and says its name! Then I couldn't get it out of my head. Then I started reminiscing of all those little tricks they used in Grammar Class so we would all become excellent spellers and writers, etc. etc!

I ended up at a stop light next to the P.O.S. Raceing boys. Wow, I think they were in-breds. The light turned green, I started to excelerate. They must have slammed on the gas, I heard the non-existent muffler roar, and the car inched forward. I was only going about 10 miles an hour and I was already at least a mile ahead of them. Yeah, P.O.S. Raceing for sure!

I am scared for the future of America.

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