Horns are our friends

10.31.2002 - 4:48 pm

Yeah! It's Halloween. I can hardly wait to see all the cute kids in costumes. We are definitely more prepared this year than last. My dad was here last year, he and Nick had a lot of fun being spooky and scaring the kids. This year we have this rat (think remote control car) that will be terrorizing from our front porch.

I also decided I'm eating as much candy as physically possible tonight. You know, one for you, one for me... I haven't been naughty like that in so long, and I'm craving it. Not really the candy, but being bad. Who knows, maybe baby will get a kick out of the sugar rush. Maybe I'll make myself sick with the ball o' sugar and chocolate in my tummy. It's going to be a fun Halloween!

So...horns. Horns are on cars for a reason. They are meant to warn another vehicle on the road that they are doing something that could cause a serious accident. Are you with me here? People in the Pacific NorthWest do not use horns. I'm from the East Coast, I use my horn.

This morning, while driving to work, this shithead decided all of a sudden that he needed to be in my lane. Didn't bother to look, I could tell. I could see his fat little head above the bench seat look in the rear-view mirror, but not turning to check his blind spots. So he started to go. And I laid on my horn. Then he turned to look, and shot me the nastiest face. I'm sorry, is my travelling on the freeway at the speed limit bothering you? Am I supposed to just slam on my brakes because you decided your lane was going to slow so you are coming into mine?! As I applied my horn, I also braked. When asshole saw this, he just decided to move. Still almost hit me. Still got all pissy about me using my horn. Stupid fucking drivers.

Then someone did it again on the ride home. Although this time, she started to change lanes, then put on her blinker, then looked. I honked. She swerved and gave me The Look.

I've had people flip me off, curse at me, cut me off and drive purposefully s...l...o...w in front of me.

OK people, let's review again. Horns are a good thing that are meant to warn you of impending danger. Got it?

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