Scooby Snax

10.25.2002 - 1:03 pm

Working from home today. Yesterday I was downtown for a training, so it's like a little mini-work vacation. I had a lot of steam and energy this morning, got 1/2 of my project done. Then I took a feeding break and decorated cupcakes for book club tonight. Now I'm not in the mood. Yet, that little voice is telling me to blast through and I can be done for the whole day.

I despise, detest, am disgusted, have contempt for, frown upon, "look down my nose at", object to, and many many other synonyms for despise the Payroll Supervisor. I think if I can find a happy place to live in for the next 6 months, it will all be OK. Then, when I don't come back from maternity leave, they are all fucked. (brrr-hahaha)

Pregnancy news: Doing OK. Still growing. Really wanted a beer with my pizza last night. Oh well.

Nick and I have this Halloween party to attend tomorrow. The theme is childhood. He's going as a gym teacher and I'm going to be a cafeteria lady. That should be entertaining. Last year we went as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger at their 20-year high school reunion. That was hysterical, we played the parts so well. What's even funnier, the whole Scoopy crew was there, and Scooby was handing out "real" Scooby snax. I think (from what I can recollect) that I ate at least two. I may have been really drunk to start with, because I didn't feel anything. I'll have to remember not to accept any brownies that didn't come off the table that the hostess prepared.

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