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10.19.2002 - 2:08 pm

I'm home alone. Sigh...I've been needing some down time lately so I was very happy when I asked Nick if he would go out this afternoon so I could get some. He's so good to me!

We had a friend come over today to demo this air filtration system. I really felt bad for her. Nick did a quick google on the company and there's reports of sales people pressuring the elderly to sign. Besides, I wasn't about to pay $3,000 for a vaccuum and two air filters. I'll stick with my HEPA thank you. Aside from the company, this is something our friend is really excited about and has done a lot of research on (from a health perspective). I hope it all works out for her.

Still don't know if my brother is moving out here or not. I called him every day since Wednesday and he hasn't returned my calls. He's either doing something very exciting, or he's isolating and avoiding me. I'm being awfully selfish about it though. I can sit here and think about the possibility of moving back east, and not that it would be stranding my brother here, he is a big boy (about to turn 26) and can make his own decisions...I just wish he would make them.

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