new piercings

10.12.2002 - 9:08 am

I'm eating this Kashi cereal, it's a cross between styrofoam peanuts and oatmeal crunchies. It's the kind of cereal that makes my jaw ache after 1/2 a bowl.

We're having brunch with Nia this morning (yeah!) and then assorted other stuff like the sneakers, a new driver's license with my new name (SO official!), and maybe a new piercing for Nick. I'm hoping for his other nipple. It's SO sexy! Since I had to lose mine because my body was rejecting it...I think he should get one now to replace that energy. He really wants to get our wedding tatttoo, but I'm making him wait until I can get tattooed again after the baby. After all, it will make a nice 1-year anniversary event for us to get our next tats together.

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