10.01.2002 - 5:56 am

This will be quick.

In baby news, still waiting to hear about my next appointment with the OB. I need to find a way to relax and let go of my stress and worry. Not that I have a lot of that in my life regularly...my job has been so hellacious as of late. And if the stupid fucking payroll department doesn't figure it out, well, they should all be fired. I think a lot of my stress comes from hand-holding the Payroll Supervisor's hand through doing a "Paste Special" in excel. Come on! That's like 2nd grade level and here we are in SQL databases and other complexities. I'm tired of being the go-to person for Payroll. I'm having enough trouble getting stuff done for my department. Grrrr.

That was a side-track from talking about pregnancy. I still feel like crap. I'm wheezy (I have allergies and quit taking the Allegra the second I found out I'm preggers) I'm congested, I have a consistent headache, I feel like I'm going to hurl every time I eat and I'm forcing myself to drink a lot of water. I just want to feel better! I get really whiney when I'm not feeling well, I'm sure I've been such a JOY these last few months.

Nick was laid off yesterday. That freaks the shit out of me. I'll not go off on the list here, I'm just scared. I need to figure out how to be calm for the baby. Stress isn't good for me, how do I calm down????

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