Scoliosis & babies

09.27.2002 - 4:18 pm

In case you don't go backwards, I made a slight update to yesterday's post.

I need to get curtains in my office. There are these lovely doors that open up to a balcony...but when it's sunny...Jeezers! I feel like my ear is frying to a crisp right now.

Baby news....Feel like super crap today. I left work early and book club has been cancelled for the evening. When I finish here I'm going to go crawl in bed with the Food Network. My doctor has to reschedule my appointment for Tuesday because they needed to do a surgery. I'm upset about that. It's been 5 weeks and I haven't gotten my Book yet. More importantly, we are supposed to be able to hear the heartbeat. They are trying to reschedule me for Thursday, but I have to wait until Tuesday when my OBs nurse is in to see if they can fit me in the schedule. Ugh!

I also need to get a-hold of a chest x-ray and I cannot seem to do it! I have scoliosis, wore a Milwaukee Brace for nearly four years. And at the very young age of 13 was warned about what pregnancy can do to my back. My local doctor last took a chest x-ray in 1996, and they only keep films for 5 years and then destroy them. The idiot I spoke to told me my records show a foot x-ray, a chest x-ray and pelvic area since I've been here in Seattle; but no spine x-ray. Silence. Um, a chest x-ray WOULD show my spine (you stupid idiot). Silence again. "oh, yeah right, hehe" OK, I hope this isn't the man controlling a mega-heavy piece of machinery near my body!

So it's been a really shitty week pregnancy-wise, and I'm just hoping I start to feel better soon as I am approaching my 2nd trimester. I want to start a yoga class. I think that would be good.

And while thinking of my scoliosis, it really did suck having to wear that brace. It was also around the time Sixteen Candles came out and that girl that had one. That was horrifying. Kids can be so cruel, especially adolescents. NOT the time to be having to wear a contraption like that. Not at all... I actually lost friends because they didn't want to be seen with me. And that reminds me of this girl I met in high school. My freshman year of high school I only wore the brace for a few months. I met this girl in my Geometry class. She was so nice, and curious and wanted to know more about what was going on with my body that required me to wear this "thing". She was totally accepting and didn't stare and was really nice to me. I really only remember her as being someone in my life, however little or largely involved, that didn't make it seem like I was a freak. I cannot even remember her name...

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