SO hungry!!

09.24.2002 - 5:53 pm

I'm so hungry I could puke. So this won't be long.

Baby seems to be doing OK, although baby finds it necessary to eat every three hours to the milli-second or I get all sick and woozy feeling I'm about 5 minutes overdo my next eat and here I am on my PC.

My mom sent us our first baby gift today. It's the cutest Winnie the Pooh book, Baby's First Pooh story or something. It's soft and has this little Pooh on a string you can insert into his bed, the blue balloon, the entrance to rabbit's house...sigh... She told me she's been waiting to send it to me when I got pregnant (kinda presumptuous of her) and by the smell of the package, I think she's had it awhile. Hm, shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth huh? I didn't mean to make that sound all unappreciative or anything, because it's not.

The cat is watching an ant crawl on my floor. The cat eats any kind of insect except ants. Go figure.

And lastly, before I go feed my child, I miss Nick. Only three 1/2 more days to go...and a surprise when I meet him at the airport.

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